Another Urgent Exit

It's been half of a month  -  [SPEECH FROM HEART]  -  {#timeline}Tag:

I feel lost when I am here...

Bring me back where I belong to.



  • when are going to come back?
    i'm thinking about applying for graduate schools in ny, but i haven't decided yet. any recommedation for schools there?
     回复 haeyeun 说:
    닌 공부 넘 잘해...ㅜ_ㅜ
    난 아는 학교란 패션스쿨 밖에 없군하... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    (2009-07-24 10:44:10)
    haeyeun |  发表于2009-07-20 22:38:18  [回复]
  • what are u talking about ? where are u belong to ?
     回复 旺财 说:
    (2009-06-28 10:56:53)
    旺财 |  发表于2009-06-25 02:32:37  [回复]